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Well it kind of had a mind of its own, it was changing settings and turning off firewalls, I found out later that it was attacked by a virus. It was vulnerable because there are many ports that you can get through. I figured it out, but had to buy a new hardrive because my other one was totally shutdown and ruined (I have two hardrives). I do not reccomend it (firefox), I do reccomend Spybot Search and Destroy. That is an excellent program. One of the best I have ever used, it is very adjustable for my liking.


P.S. If anyone has any computer trouble let me know, I may be able to help you.
9 Days unprotected last year on Firefox.

284 Days unprotected on Internet Explorer.

I ran Firefox on Windows, Linux and now OSX and I've never ONCE had any sort of problem with it. You're making a sweeping generalisation based on one experience, which wasn't even the fault of your browser. That'll teach you for looking at dodgy sites!
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