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Originally Posted by Gibbersticks View Post
And since Vinnie says that he thinks "very visceral and conceptual and wide" when it comes to his playing, I would love to have him elaborate on that in a clinic setting.
I would too, it just isn't what the majority wants today. I think Vinnie was stating his worry about the future of drumming; I just wish he had taken a more tactful approach. Instead, he came off as bitter. I hate that for him. I hate that for us. I hate that for the kids that worship him, and have no idea what they're hearing beyond the eleventy-billion beats per nanosec.

Originally Posted by Gibbersticks View Post
All his talk about "sensationalism" kinda struck me as strange. Was he saying that regarding just drummers? Hello, that would be more accurate if it was a statement regarding the state of the world we live in. Everything is sensationalized! Why does he sound so surprised? Being a world traveller such as it is that should be pretty obvious.

I agree. WTTL.

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