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Default Re: Jon "Bermuda" Schwartz here!

Originally Posted by Paul_Klein View Post
Bermuda, I was wondering if Weird Al has ever tried writing a Beatles parody, and which song(s) would be considered.

In the old days, Al had short excerpts, Hey Food and You Never Gave Me A Tune-up, and we did record Pac-man (parody of Taxman) but got a C&D from George Harrison's people. It was pretty soon after Lennon's death and none of them were amused by much at the time (late 1981.) We were also prepared to record Gee I'm A Nerd (Free As A Bird) which technically qualifies as a Beatles track, but got turned down. We performed it live though and it was great to be Ringo for a few minutes. Also wanted to record Chicken Pot Pie (Live & Let Die) but got turned down for that too, and performed it live as well.

Beyond those, no other Beatle or related parodies. Al typically parodies current/recent songs, and may source an older/classic song if it lyrically fits the theme of the parody: Kinks' Lola became Yoda in 1980 when the Star Wars sequel came out, MacArthur Park became Jurassic Park in 1993 when that movie came out, American Pie became The Saga Begins when that Star Wars pre-quel came out.

There might be another example or two, but for the most part, Al doesn't delve too far back with the originals he parodies.

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