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Absolutely dead-on accurate. The people that are going to be offended are the ones he was talking about.
Well I hope you weren't refering to me, and someone else said that to regarding one of my comments. I though a few of his comments were "generalizations" and ya someone in his shoes would probably see it a lot more than I would having people come up to him constantly asking stupid questions about how did you get so fast, how did you do that, blah blah blah....

What I was trying to say for example, regarding what he said about drum clinics and how everyone just wants to see razzle-dazzle and flash. Well not me. I accually get bored watching drum solos, everyone always does the same ol' stuff. I would rather someone come and demonstrate a concept that you can take home, practice, and add to your "toolbox". And since Vinnie says that he thinks "very visceral and conceptual and wide" when it comes to his playing, I would love to have him elaborate on that in a clinic setting.

All his talk about "sensationalism" kinda struck me as strange. Was he saying that regarding just drummers? Hello, that would be more accurate if it was a statement regarding the state of the world we live in. Everything is sensationalized! Why does he sound so surprised? Being a world traveller such as it is that should be pretty obvious.

And as my final statement to this thread (cause the topic lately is getting old), Has anyone looked at Vinnie's artist page? All this talk of sensationalism and razzle-dazzle and flash, if you look at those clips thats all thats there! Or might there be another name for what he is talking about? Entertainment!!!
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