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Originally Posted by fusssion View Post
I can't stand watching Billy solo.....I think he's best in a band situation! PERSONAL OPINION.

I saw him back in the 80's at this little club in Michigan was great. I loved his WARNING album!! WOW
i still love bc's solos, but i gotta agree that hearing him in an ensemble setting is where he really shines. his phrasing is fantastic, and he does little simple tricks to turn what is often a relatively easy phrase to play into something interesting. also, he seems to be the last of the jazz drummers to me (or at least one of the last) in that he is very top heavy in his playing (meaning he plays a lot w/ his hands) vs a guy like Vinnie who plays a lot of "drumset" oriented vocabulary.

"Warning" is a classic album and was one of my first billy albums. its also a classic lineup for his band too. if you havent heard it, check it out.
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