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Cobham's problem (if it is a problem), is that he is a poor marketer of himself. The fact that he is a phenomenal drummer doesn't mean much if no one knows it. Another fact is that most people in the world have never heard of him, Dave Weckl, Vinnie, etc. And an amazing number have never heard of Buddy Rich. If you were to poll 1000 people, I think we'd be amazed at how few recognized the names of those folks. Being drumming enthusiasts we think that everyone knows who they are, but it ain't true.

It's all about marketing. Look at the success of no-talents like Brittney Spears and Paris Hilton.

We all know that there is no such thing as the best drummer. What there really is, is the drummer whose style we like best.

At a certain level of musicianship, one could say that those folks are pretty much equal in skill level. At that point, it's about style preference.

Is Cobham the best ever? In my mind he is. But someone else would say Ringo Starr is. And we'd both be right.

One thing that I don't agree with is when someone says that there are better drummers than Billy Cobham. It makes me wonder how familiar they are with his work. I seriously doubt that there is a better drummer than B.C.. One may like another's style better, but that's as far as it can credibly be taken.

Also, are we talking about what he's doing now, or when he was revolutionalizing drumming in the 1970s and '80s?

P.S. I am kidding about Ringo. :)

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