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Default Re: The legendary Steve Gadd.

Originally Posted by Placeboman View Post
Well Henry the second ,i dont like Gadd that much either,he is a good all around player,but so is a whole lot of drummers,i think his best thing is that latin beat thing he does?.Ive heard his playing and its good basic playing,i mean i would love to play that basic stuff like that :) but i dont consider him a legend or anything.............

once again, another statement that shows a lack of knowledge of the history of drums. if we didnt have gadd we would not have drummers like vinnie or dennis. he was, and remains, one of the MOST influential drummers on the planet. gadd was one of the last drummers to come up w/ an instantly recongnizable sound which is something that i see a lot of contemporary drummers struggling to do these days.

bottom line, if youre not into gadd (or at the very least willing to admit that there is much to be learned from him), then you dont know what youre missing.
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