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Originally Posted by dothecrunge
People can talk about Jeff all they want. What people need to stop doing is crediting Jeff with Bonzo's entire career. Bonzo's drums sounded like cannons way before Jeff was ever around, so I don't see how Jeff did anything to help Bonzo's sound.
That's fine and dandy, but you do seem quite antagonistic towards the guy. Bonham had a great sound. A lot of any drummer's sound comes from the hands, so I'd be quite happy to argue that Bonham would have sounded like Bonham on even my drum kit. The job of somebody like Ocheltree (or any of Bonham's other techs) would be to set things up and (potentially) work in conjunction with the sound engineers on recordings or in concert environments to get a great drum tone. In other words, rather than defining Bonham's sound they'd be more about preserving and presenting that sound so you can enjoy it.

There were many more people involved in getting the "Great Bonham sound" down on record for us to enjoy today. Ocheltree was one of them - at least during the latter period - so I really think you're being a bit harsh towards him. Yes, he doesn't deserve all the credit. That's obvious. But he does deserve some. The fact that he is alive and has a DVD available probably helps his standing in this respect quite a lot.

And what is "refence"? Is that a typo? Did you mean "reference"?
Yup, thanks for catching that. I type pretty fast, so typos tend to slip through sometimes if I don't preview...

If you did, then yes, most of my posts pertain to John Bonham. Why? Because I know a great deal about the man. You don't see me talking about Peart all the time, do you? I wonder why? Because I know nothing about the man at all, and I don't really care either. I'm a fan of Led Zeppelin, and it's members, and I take great pride in the knowledge I have attained over the years. I don't see anything wrong with that.

I mean, I don't quite understand the point of your last sentence. Should I start talking about other drummers? Would that make your shoes fly off in a fit of joy? [I think I've used that here before ;)]
Well, it's never happened before - but you could try it and we'll see how it goes!
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