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Default Re: Matt Sorum

My first post.

Fantastic drummer in my eyes, he really delivered an excellent solo at the Use Your Illusion 2 DVD. What impresses me most is his accuracy on the kit, he really delivers with precision. Some of the stuff on the Use Your Ilusions that he performs is great stuff, and he is miles miles miles better than Steven Adler was. Adler was a bash, bash, bash man, no imagination (listen to AFD, makes me cringe awful drumming), Sorum likes to mix it up.

I loved his Yamaha kit that he used on the UYI tours, that was massive!! One of the biggest kits I have ever seen a well known band drummer use.

I have a question, what cymbal did Sorum use to his far left on that DVD. It was mounted upside down and made a hell of a sound, anyone who has watched it will know what I mean. He also used it on the Use Your Ilusion albums on some songs, not sure about the Velvet Revolver one though. Any help on this would be great.

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