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Default Re: I'm here! - Billy Ward

Hi Thomas - yeah (about the WFD article). i thought it was very well presented in MD - a good read.
As you probably know, I'm just back to NYC after being in the UK for DrummerLive. I am mixing an album by Jon Albrink that i am producing (you can hear a clip of one rough mix on my website under listening section - the song is titled "What Would You Give")/ I am playing on three songs (the New York sessions) of BB Kings latest album titled "80". This record was just released. I think it's a good album and BB IS 80 years old. What an incredible man!! I had a few gigs with Joan last month in Colorado at festivals - things will probably remain quiet with her now - though, a Christmas record that we did will be out shortly - it should be pretty cool for that kind of thing. I'm also recording some instrumental music - I guess you would call it jazz... with a guitarist and bass player that I used to play alot with when I lived in LA (13 years ago). That happens in six days late October. In less than a week, I'm traveling to Copenhagen to "beat up" a rhythm section as an artist in residence at the Rhythm University there. :D
November has me attending PASIC - just hanging out. Then (hopefully) I'll have some time off. I do have a Bill Champlin song sitting at my studio for more than 6 months now - I should get to that in November I hope! Also looking forward to some "down time" so that I can write some more... Thanks for asking!
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