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Man...its a shame that alot of people here are so judgmental. Its almost like highschool. It appears that its not cool to like Tommy Lee...or Motley Crue for that matter and everyone wants to jump on the bandwagon. Probably 1/2 of the people in here were not alive in the Crue's peak years so they never saw his contribution to rock drumming and never had the privilege to witness. But....infact....he is on the top 3 of my favorite drummers and Motley Crue is one of the greatest rock bands to ever walk the earth. To all the people that say that he isn't that good.........lets see you play a simple 4/4 while spinning upside down in a drum cage...let alone do a solo in the midst. When you do that...then you can say he sucks. Granted...he doesn't do alot of fancy stuff in his songs with the Crue...but that man is a rock beat master!! He plays what fits Motley Crues sound! He is there for the music and is not always trying to dominate the songs with fancy fills and technique. Has anyone ever watched him play alone...probably not! I have seen video of him just messing around on his set...and I can't even begin to describe what I saw. I have been playing 24 years....and Tommy Lee does crap on a set that I haven't even seen or thought of yet. People probably have no idea about his double-bass technique or any of his playing for that matter. Just becuase you heard a couple Motley Crue songs and didn't like it....doesn't mean that you heard Tommy Lee the drummer. Go and see him play live....he is on tour right now with Motley Crue! And...uhhhh....its been over 24 years and these guys are still selling out arenas more than the Rolling Stones. Lets see "Blink 182" or "Lamb of God" or any band that is out these days do that 24 years from now!!! After 24 years...your opinon might have some stability.
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