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Originally Posted by dothecrunge
Jesus Christ. Enough with Jeff Ocheltree. I'm so sick of that hack. JHB started working with him in 1977. NINETEEN SEVENTY SEVEN. Is that too hard to understand? JHB had been playing drums, and tuning them himself LONG before JO was around.
Hey buddy, calm down. That is no way to express yourself here. Try something like this in the future:

"Actually, it's my understanding that Jeff O. started working with Bonzo in 1977. If that's true, then he shouldn't get credit for the tuning for the majority of Bonzo's career."

Or something along those lines. See the difference? Also, it is completely unnecessary to say, Im so sick of that hack." That is bashing and is a quick road to a ban, and I know that's not what you want. Calm down, dial it back a notch, and keep it respectful.
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