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Well, the term 'tech' has changed a lot over the years.

The guy that schlepped your drum cases up over flights of stairs and drove the truck in the 60s was a 'tech' or roadie. Today, the duties can involve not only the setting up of equipment, but, all the correspondence and communication btwn the player and the companies that supply him with gear to scheduling appointments, bodyguard duties, concierge, labour/union relations, event planning and whatever the 'artist' wants in the job description.

The thing most pro players with high profile bands desire is discrepancy and non disclosure, next to the ability to stick a drum kit up via the tour method.

There isn't a 'large' market for drum tech/roadies and the guys that operate in the field usually do so for more than one 'name' drummer, they get their gigs usually through a 'word of mouth' chain. The first question is always 'Can they keep me set up and deal with my gear?" the second is, 'Can they keep their mouths shut?'
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