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Originally Posted by fourstringdrums View Post
Very nice. I wish I had the knowledge/tools to do stuff like that. The only modification I've ever done to hardware is this:

and this (which I no longer use)

Both didn't require the skill that yours did, but it was a cheap solution none the less.
Great idea!

While your idea isn't technically hard, it is accessible to just about anyone and you showed a lot of ingenuity in figuring this out, especially since you don't do this a lot and used simple tools. I don't think a mod or DIY should require a flux-core wire-feed MIG welder to be good or useful (although it sure helps me sometimes!). In fact, simpler and cheaper is better. It's fun to use the fancy tools but I sometimes have to pull myself back and force myself to use the simplest approach possible, even if it involves nothing more than a razor and pliers.

Thanks for putting the link here. I bet there are a lot of other threads with a single DIY project that could/should be linked up.
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