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techristian plays mindblowing four-way foot patterns and created this cowbell mount especially for right-foot playing
Tired of gangly stands? tbmills shows his OEM-quality chop job along with how-to steps
tbmills kickin' it with a very clean installation on an internal bass drum mic mount along with a helpful tutorial
Fourstringdrums' clever and simple method to convert a cymbal stand to a secondary hihat stand
Glen Thomas' amazing homemade edrum trigger, foot percussion mount, foot-operated snare
leo_battery wanted a double pedal so bad, he just made his own
Time Bandit's finely machined mini-stackers
GRUNTERSDAD, a true dipstick, shows ingenious method for non-slip grip coating

Limey and friends find the best way to mount/convert a 13-inch tom into a bass drum
GRUNTERSDAD chimes in with method for making your own chimes.
Junglelord shows his almighty gong drum, made from a standard bass drum and djembe stand.
Bobrovsky, the Russian with a giant drum set, created a cable-driven double pedal setup and a cable-driven gong striker.
bears_eating_drums had little cash but lots of ingenuity and came up with this unusual foot percussion mount
Someone patent this! VegasDrummer69 came up with a one-legged snare stand.

I've always liked working with metal and tinkering. I like making my own custom drum hardware and discussing drum hardware and I see a lot of other people on this board like working on their own hardware as well. DIY projects save money and allow you to create drum set arrangements not possible with off-the-shelf hardware. You can see this hardware on my set at If you have a hardware mod - even if it's humble duct tape - this is the place to share it. If your lock nut is stripped and you need help, hopefully you will find some help here. If you'd like to do something but you're not sure of how to proceed or what tools you'd need, this is also a place for answers.

I can tap, thread, cut, bend, weld, drill, roll rings and hoops and even do a little milling. However, my metalworking skills are very crude compared to what a professional machinst could do. But I am able to make my own custom stuff, do any repairs and my work has held up well to the abuse of drumming.

Below is a recent hardware project, a triple cymbal stacker. Most stackers keep your cymbals like five feet apart, or there is no offset. I used 1/4 inch steel rod, some extra-deep nuts, 8 mm bolts, a MIG welder and a few other items to make these stackers, which have about three inches of distance and offset. I can pick out the cymbals individually, or do a dramatic rake of all of them. Knurled Allen bolts keep the stackers from spinning loose. All washers are welded to the nuts and all felts are glued to the washers, minimizing the amount of small pieces to drop.

Stackers alone

Stackers with cymbals - bottom view

Stackers with cymbals - top view

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