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Default Re: Introduce Yourself

real name? James Hamilton

age? 25

how long been playing? 11 years

origin of user name? It's the title of one of my (many) bands songs

top 5 drummers (or the most influential to me anyways)? Dave Grohl, Neil Peart, Jimmy Chamberlain, John McIntyre, Squarepusher

make of drumkit? Sonor Custom (though currently saving for a DW..)

make of cymbal? Sabian

where do you practice? Studio

are you in a band/s? Several, one covers band which earns me most of my living

covers or originals? Mostly original

what style of music? Main bands are Synth-Rock-Prog-Disco and Hardcore/Math-Rock

favourite take out food? Chinese

country? Scotland

one really odd fact about yourself? I own a pair of Courtney Loves panties which she gave me.

how did you start drumming? I saw Nirvana on TV at the 1992 MTV music video awards playing 'Lithium' and watched Dave Grohl, all the while thinking "Oh My God I know what I want to do with my life.." A while later my older brother started a band and needed a drummer, and after much begging and pestering they let me join even though i'd never played drums in my life. The singer used some of his student loan to buy a beat-up 7th or 8th hand Ludwig kit for 100, we set up in our garage and they said "ok, we've got ten songs and our first gig is in three weeks, get learning.."