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Default Re: Ironwood drum set

Originally Posted by wy yung View Post
Beautiful kit.

Is that a Meinl circular rainstick you have there?
Indeed it is. Below is a more detailed photo. I put this together by mounting the components on a modified boom stand, using roller skate bearings to improve the rotation of the rain wheel (which, as you may know, is LOUD).

I call it The Weather Machine because of the sounds it makes: rain wheel (sounds like rain); LP Jenigor temple blocks (sound like clouds); LP chimes (sound like sunlight); LP Rancan 22-inch feng luo wind gong (sounds like wind or thunder). I used it on an interlude in a CD.

It's a pain to set up and take down so I don't use it much, but it has a buttload of attitude and adds some theatricality when needed.

I take it you collect percussion stuff - I notice the set of bata drums in your avatar (look like Peal Afros). I have an LP itolele and I've dabbled in John Almira's book Sacred Rhythms of Santeria.

Thanks for the interest!

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