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The most interesting thing I can think of immediately after seeing the name "Art Verdi" (for many reasons) is a direct comparison between Buddy Rich's single stroke rolls and Verdi's. We all know the LOVE Art felt (and fells) for the master drummer, also, Buddy's speed and stamina are pretty much similar to Art's achievements... I just don't know who is faster.

At one of Buddy's videos (the one called "Buddy Rich 1970"), when executing his classic, prolongued and controlled single stroke roll, he'd reach around 1.200 (or more) bpm, but just for a small period of time. Right after that, he slows it down to around 1.100 and keep it pretty much controlled, with virtually almost no physical effort at all.

We know that Art could reach around 1.120 pbm or something, how many Buddy would? One thing is for sure: Buddy had better stamina... he would barelly get tired, speedwise? I really don't know... maybe Buddy could be faster, maybe not... this is an interesting comparison between these 2 very fast drummers alike.
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