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Default Re: Custom 80's Big Hair Drums...

it's actually only part of a true 80's big hair kit, made for a guy named scotty lufts? down here in florida. he unloaded all his stuff though and a buddy of mine got this kit, a maple custom, a stockrooms worth of cymbals, a gretsch kit with a matching rogers tom, and tons of miscellaneous stuff. i think the original set up was

two of the cannon bass i have
13, 14 rack toms
16, 18 floor toms
all in this AMAZING orange. well, not so amazing then, look at where the BD mount used to be, i don't love the old color.
also there is a pearl free floater with a custom drum design shell that i'm just waiting to pick up at a music store near me, it originally came with the kit. i also have the shell from the 14 rack and about half the lugs.

EDIT: has anybody seen these lugs for sale anywhere? i'd like to complete the kit in a studio type setup...8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 22. i might even make a 20" bass.
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