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Default Re: Stanton Moore

I think alot of the stuff in his book DVDs would work although most of the stuff in there directly is for a N.O. Style 2-3 clave accent pattern, where the Bo Diddley that is used on I Want Candy (and on Desire if I recall correctly) is a straight 3-2 Clave, so you might have to switch some stuff up.

the most obvious choice to add a New Orleans flavor to either of those would be to play a single stroke roll on the snare, accented

RlrLrlRlrlRlRlrl (two measures)

with the "big four" underneath on the bass drum

and 2s and 4s hi-hat with the foot.

This is basically a 3-2 clave version of the 2-3 clave that Stanton discusses in his book as sort of "the" traditional second line beat (although the 2-3 new orleans version has the second of the 2 side delayed).

Just bought his book (and accompanying CD) as well as the III album last week, all are GREAT.
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