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Originally Posted by mediocrefunkybeat
Are the 'E' type all they're cracked up to be? I'm interested because I like the sound of wood tips, but dislike the excessive chipping that seems to occur. Thoughts? Opinions? Do they really do what they claim and have the sound of a wood tip with the feel and durability of nylon?
I think they are more a like a cross between wood and nylon, but definitely more like wood. It's easy to fool many drummers into thinking they are hearing 'wood'.
I actually like nylon Regal Tip NT's, which indicates 'narrrow shoulders'. This makes a HUGE difference to to cymbal sound and enables me to use nylon heads most of the time. The more 'woody' E Series just give me a different colour which is handy in some situations. The thing I hate about wood tips is that the sound is changing from the minute you start using them on cymbals, they start wearing and chipping, and there goes the consistent sound. You'll notice that the E Series feel nice and bouncy on the cymbals too. Give them a go, but see if you can get a model that suits you with the narrow shoulders.
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