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Default Bonham-Only Tracks on Zeppelin Lost Sessions Vol. 4

Hi - I hope this request is OK to post here - if not, sorry and please delete.

Does anyone happen to have:

Led Zeppelin - Lost Sessions Vol. 4
Empress Valley Supreme #EVSD-308/309 - 2 CD set

There are some drum takes (I believe pieces of the final takes used in the final mix) that include the "Fool in the Rain" snippet available here on this site.

I really enjoy listening to the Fool in the Rain (drums only) and comparing it to the final mix . Checking out the other tracks available as drums-only on the above compilation would be excellent!

Thanks in advance.

PS: Here is the track list for this set:

Disc 1: (November - December 1978, Polar Studios):
1. All My Love (rough mix / take)
2. Unreleased Song (Drum track)
3. Carouselambra (Drum Track)
4. Ozone Baby (Drum Track),
5. Ozone Baby (Drum Track)
6. All My Love (Drum Track)
7. Wearing and Tearing (Drum Track)
8. I'm Gonna Crawl (Drum Segment)
9. Fool In the Rain (Drum Track)

Disc 2: (May 1978, Clearwell Castle)
1. Fire
2. Carouselambra (takes 1-3)
/// (November - December 1978 Polar Studios)
3. Carouselambra (Instrumental Fragment)
5. Wearing and Tearing
6. Fool In the Rain
7. Hot Dog
8. In the Evening
9. Southbound Suarez
10. Darlene
11. Fool In the Rain
12. Carouselambra
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