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Originally Posted by HardRockDrummer
finnhiggins, why do you not like audioslave and later pearl jam/wellwater conspiracy/chris cornell work?
It's just dull. Everybody involved in any of those bands has said everything they seem to have to say in a mainstream rock context already, better. Why keep repeating yourself for diminishing returns, year after year? Which would you rather watch, the Rolling Stones today or the Beatles in their prime? The Rolling Stones have earned their place in musical history for their longevity, but can you really say that they've achieved anything other than a remarkably long period of stasis since their prime in their youth?

Audioslave is depressing because it's like meeting a friend of yours who used to be amazing, vibrant and creative and finding they've got a day job as an accountant and have been working for the past five years on "defining their sound". In other words, all the potential that was once compressed in them so tightly it was flying out their eyes all seems to have gone to waste. It makes you revisit the work they did before and go "Hell.. was it really as good as I thought?". If anything, Audioslave works to make me dislike RATM and Soundgarden more rather than RATM and Soundgarden combining to make me enjoy Audioslave.

Contrast this with somebody like Max Roach or Mike Patton or something. People who've gone from one place in their career to somewhere totally different, all the while growing and developing new cool stuff. I agree with you - Chris Cornell has an amazing voice. And Tom Morello is a stunning guitarist. I just wish they'd find something exciting to do with those gifts, rather than recycling the same stuff they were doing with them a decade ago.

I thought the track Tom Morello did for the Spawn soundtrack was more interesting. He should go play techno full time instead, he's much more inspiring in that context.
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