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Originally Posted by DWfan20005 View Post
Now it makes sense. I could picture someone getting bored during a Danny Carey solo though.
I think that a lot of a solo's success in that enviroment comes down to presentation. Some people are simply more gifted when it comes to giving the people what they want. I suppose we see how this works in the mainstream when we look at pop music and, jazz, for example. Some people are better able to write a hook that grabs the attention of the majority. Then there are those who please in lesser amounts. One is not necessarily more important or superior to the other, just different. Somebody like Carl Palmer is able to be a great showman; shirt off, banging away on gongs as the riser revolves, building a solo to an exciting climax etc. Then there's someone like Jeff Watts, who can play beautifully, subtlely and who can move those near who listen to ecstacy. But the chances of seeing him banging away on gongs amid flashing lights and fireworks in a 50,000 seat stadium are less than good. It's like I said earlier, Krupa was able to play something simple and catch the imagination. Not everyone can or wants to do that. Things don't have to be complex to be good. Some of the nicest things in life are simple. It seems the same with solos. This is why I believe Joey did a fantastic job. He gave people what they wanted and what they could identify with.

That's my take on it anyway.
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