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Default Re: Please hear me out..."other" drummers

I read the main page for a few years and was, to be honest, greatly relieved that the really lesser known people today; i.e. classic ground breaking jazz guys, were featured at all. One sees so much metal this and metal that all through the drumming press and websites. If anything, I think the overall coverage is 80/20 in metal's favour. One look at drumkit adverticements is enough to show this. Perhaps prog' drummers get some of that 80 %, but the drumming world at present seems metal mad.

I like the way Bernard has gone about this site. At first glance it seems to be tracing drummers according to timeline. It may not be, but that may seem the case. Many of these metal drummers, guys like the Rev and Joey, are relatively new in the world of drumming. Everyone of note will eventually get their page because this site doesn't discriminate. Perhaps while waiting for information on these drummers you already know about, you might like to read about people you don't know. This site gives you that opportunity.