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Originally Posted by Anchein Vouivra View Post
I use to be several years ago so hooked up on the Rainbow On Stage 1977 album. I was trying to copy each of his fills, they were so inspiring. He's the one that made get into double bass. I always took Ian Paice as my main reference but Cozy Powell had so many heavy fills and a style that was perfect for Rainbow (i only know his work with this band).
He had also a rocking sound that was raw just before getting into headaching 80's sound.
R.I.P, he was a true legend

"Rainbow on Stage" is one of the best live albums ever recorded! The drums on this album sound soooooo good!!

When Ritchie Blackmore left Deep Purple he needed an amazing drummer to take over from Ian Paice and he hit the jackpot when he hooked up with Cozy Powell [RIP]

Along with Ian Paice, Cozy has always been one of my major influences and I've always fantasised about having his awesome Ludwig kits and playing them like he did.

He absolutely revolutionised double bass drumming back in 1976 with Rainbow and did it with such energy & power.... and newer heavy metal drummin was born yet again.

Definitely a huge loss for the drumming world with his passing, but his music will live on forever!

Another true legend!
"Ian Paice on the drums.....Yes!" - Ian Gillan, Japan 1972
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