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Default Re: Custom 80's Big Hair Drums...

Originally Posted by maddrummr;2701U27
Well how long really is your kick?

do you like those hats? I heard K/Z's are pretty nice, how do you like them?
i like them a lot. i got em cuz of carter, had the dyno on top for the longest time, just switched to the k on top. i't like hearing for the first time. i sometimes also use a 16" K Custom Dark Crash on top of a 16" Sabian HH Viennese Orchestral Crash Cymbal (one of a pair) for hip hop/RnB.

pics tomorrow about 5 PM. (US EASTERN TIME)

Edit: sorry about the pic situation, i'm borrowing a friends camera now, so all should go well.

also this is my first time here, so what's the technique for posting pics?
thanks, and kudos menunous.
check out my kit...
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