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Default Re: Introduce Yourself

real name? Teejay

age? 22

how long been playing? 6 Years

origin of user name? It's my name

top 5 drummers (or the most influential to me anyways)? Weckl, Beauford, Rich, Ulrich, Chad Smith

make of drumkit? I don't have one T.T (i have a B.R Practice pad, and a broken down snare in the basement).

make of cymbal? I wish i had a cymbal

where do you practice? once a week or once every couple weeks at my church

are you in a band/s? nope, i have been before though

covers or originals? original

what style of music? rock, funk, jazz

favourite take out food?

country? canada

one really odd fact about yourself? Odd?

how did you start drumming? My grandfather and many of my uncles were all professional drummers. So i grew interested of course through watching them perform and watching them watch concerts/shows/videos.