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Default Re: Please hear me out..."other" drummers

Originally Posted by Bernhard View Post
No, I don't want that great drummers are lacking. I really try hard to put them up....

But when I read a list of 35 not featured metaldrummers my question is: are they really all absolutely unique and different in style and all have a important impact to the history or future of drumming like Buddy Rich or Steve Gadd? I add them immediatly.....

At the moment - after having had personal contact with them i will add very soon:

Abe Cunningham, Matt Abts (already done) Brann Dailor (done) Chris Pennie, Derek Roddy, Marvin Mc Quitty, Nisan Stewart, Paul Bostaph, Ray Luzier, Shannon Larkin, Travis Smith, Zak Starkey.... is this ok for the moment???


Bernard, I have to agree with you. I am a huge metal/punk/hardcore fan, and i see where you are coming from. Alot of the drummers he named have drummers who havent had huge comercial success. I would put Steve Gadd before Travis Barker any day. Two great drummers, but Steve is a legend. It must also be hard for you to gather all the pictures!

(btw) I love the that you added the Travis Smith, Ray Luzier, and James Sullivan pages!