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Originally Posted by fat in the middle View Post
The word Groit [sp] is a term used to describe a type of musician in africa. They mimick sounds of their environment, and tell stories,,The whole topic of chops etc and the analogy of sport Vinnie used, resonated with me. I feel it must be frustrating for someone like him to be bombarded with chop based questions, when he is so inside the music, and feeling it from an artists point of view. That said, i am not a fan per se of him, only because i haven't been that exposed to him. These guys have the ability to pull time bending things off, with the help of a great band in full support.
Perhaps it's more a matter of people forgeting their beginngs once they've become so advanced. I am sure as a youngster Vinnie would've spent a lot of time working on chops. Now of course he's moved beyond chops to a more conceptual level. Perhaps he would prefer more conceptual type questions. But it's hard for people who are not at that level to ask these questions. A person can really only ask a question based upon their own limitations.

Oh well, history has shown that gods rarely have patience when dealing with mere mortals. ;-)
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