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Originally Posted by Stu_Strib View Post

The drumming for Megadeath was kinda boring, for metal drumming, but I agree about the Kick the Chair

I saw him on TV with Faith Hill. Perfect Rhythm drumming ;-)
Good morning fellow drummers,

I just wanted to say that Vinnie is an absolute Legend! And also that his drumming on the Megadeth album is excellent aswell! I would never have expected him to do a metal album and it's just blown me away! I'm a huge fan of Frank Zappa & Chick Corea and I'm also a metal fan among other things.

The thing is, metal drumming doesn't have to be fast and complex to sound awesome.

There are many metal bands that play slower, chunkier style music and the drums might be slower but they can sound groovy, powerful, and very cool! (eg. Soulfly, Sevendust)

Vinnie's drumming on "The System Has Failed" is a real treat... to hear a drummer of his quality and capabilities and high level of skill playing hard hitting groovy beats to some fine metal riffs is very cool to say the least and he does it with absolute class and style!

Very cool drumming on a very cool album.
"Ian Paice on the drums.....Yes!" - Ian Gillan, Japan 1972
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