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Okay i started this thread, and have read through a LOT of opinions. This is my point of view. Sure solid drummer.... but honestly how can you not when you have been playing that long, with that simple of music. I hate the fact he is talked about "oo fast fills"... sorry but his fills don't impress me, especially with the simplicity of them. The mere fact of him having dynamics is balogna to me. You know all he does is hit hard most the time, while the stage crew just turns his volume down haha... Sure catchy music, but to me it is crape... I have absolutly no respect for that band.
ps yes i do know i said crape, and not crap, cuase i was being respectfull, crape is basically a black veil, worn over someones face, which i would do if i was tre' cool, cause i would be embarrassed.
Oh yeah, before i forget...Since when was it not for the love of music anymore, and just for money? I just realized that, sure he may not care, that's because he is a sell-out. So screw that excuse.
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