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Default Re: Vinnie Colauita

And a perfect example of this thinking is right at our fingertips. Read the majority of posts in this forum (or any drum forum) and it's all about speed or someone trying to find a short-cut to "improve" their playing.

The people most offended by Vinnie's criticism are those types of drummers.
Well if you think I'm offended because I'm looking for a short cut your dead wrong! I have been playing for 19 years and I practice everyday for at least 2hrs. I'm not anywhere near as gifted as someone like Vinnie and no I don't consider myself to have all my chops in order. But I happen to think that Vinnie was making a very big generalization when he that statement. Ya sure there are a lot of drummers looking for the easy way (along with guitar, bass, etc, etc, etc) but there are just as many people I'm sure who are passionate about their instrument and music and take the time to learn everything they can. That is what offended me. And there are some absolutely amazing drummers out there right now and Vinnie's comments in MD made me think "Are you living in a hole somewhere?" So who cares if someone wants the "secret" to this or that, let them waste their time trying to find it. So you'll have to excuse me now, I have all day to play my brand new drums.
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