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Originally Posted by Mapex589 View Post
Every once in a while I like to check into this thread and see what folks have to say. Chad was not one of my bigger influences when I was younger drummer but ever since I saw his Modern Drummer 2005 performance that has changed. I spent years in the basement as a self taught drummer and did not focus on groove as much as I did on being a flashy drummer, all chops crazy and stuff. Not until I started getting formal training with an instructor and began to play with musicians did I really understand the imoprtance of groove. Chad really puts that in your face at the MD2005 perfomance and it makes perfect sense. So you dont have to like Chad Smith's playing but it does not hurt to listen to his message. Ever since that performance Chad Smith is a drummer I study a lot....I love his groove and the little subtleties in his playing. Chad Rocks!!
Same here,saw the MD performance and immediatley got into Chili Peppers. I think his playing on Give It Away was what caught my attention the most about his style. Simplistic yet so heavy and funky. Long live the funk,lol.
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