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Originally Posted by Mook View Post
I'm currently playing in a Deep Purple tribute band & am a massive fan of Ian Paice!

One song not mentioned so far is 'Lay down stay down' from the Burn album, it's the most difficult of the tunes I've had to learn as yet (including Burn, Fireball, Lazy etc), the fills under the verses are almost all different & extremely well played by Ian & I toyed with the idea of refusing to play it for the 1st week or so of rehearsals. The Groove on 'You Fool No one' from that LP is also woth mentioning.
"You Fool No one" definitely has an awesome groove but the live versions are what you really want to hear! They're louder, heavier and faster....

There is a very cool version of "You Fool No one" on the California Jam DVD from 1974 in front of 200,000 people.

But a real treat is the live version from "Made in Europe" in 1975... It's a much better recording than the California Jam version and is so much clearer and the drums sound so powerful and hard... It's amazing!
"Ian Paice on the drums.....Yes!" - Ian Gillan, Japan 1972
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