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Default Custom 80's Big Hair Drums...

now used for hip-hop :-)

Specs: 1980's Drum Design Custom Artist Series, (used to be a burnt orange color, faded to an orange that i love MUCH more now.)

Bass - 22x<insert ridiculous number here, much longer than square>
floor tom- 16x16
Snare - 14x8 Yamaha Recording Custom with a light green stain that i havenever seen before

Cymbals -
13" Zildjian K/Z dyno hats
18" Zildjian A Custom Crash
16" Wuhan S series Crash
10" Wuhan Traditional splash
16" Wuhan China
21" Paiste Innovations Power Ride
(soon) 22" Vintage Avedis Zildjian Heavy Ride

Hardware -
iron cobra jr. double pedal stripped down to a single
premier Hi hat stand
no name/tama/mapex cymbal stands
no name snare stands

pics up soon, i only have the floor tom, hence the Ahmir Thompson (?uestlove) setup. I'm going to put together a 12" tom soon. Pics upon request.
check out my kit...
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