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Hey everyone, i'm new here so go easy on me.

Originally Posted by hookedup View Post
Anyone else use DFH for any programming that I can hear, cause I'd like to hear it's use outside of the Meshuggah realm.
we actually used DFH to record our tracks since we still cant record live drums, i know my nickname will show up as a guitarist on our page but i'm actually learning drums now. I know this person asked for anyone who uses DFH a very long time ago but wat the hell... check out :

btw, the music is black metal so expect lots of screaming n stuff like that.

And someone else mentioned something about the DFH sample on "" , the sample called Sonor Of Metal is actually an extract from a song called Vanished (track 5 of Destroy Erase Improve)... the other one is pretty clear: The Superior Licking What You've Bled... check out chaosphere track 5

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