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Well, there are lot of variables..Will I be able to have my MP3 player?? :)
If I had 10 TRACKS, it would be different list than 10 ALBUMS...

Also, it's not NECESSARILY just for the drumming, but for the MUSIC..Thats what moves me the most.

But since you said 10 albums, and it is only for a winter, I would bring these..

1) "Magical Mystery Tour" The Beatles
Great Songs, and puts me in a great mood.

2) "Strength" John P. Kee
Inspirational message, motivating, great drumming and pocket.

3) "Funk Gets Stronger" (Compilation) Funkadelic
Compilations are cheating, but I need to hear 5 of the songs on here every other day!

4) "Jarreau" Al Jarreau
Great grooves, lyrics, uplifting, "Gadd"....

5) "White Album" The Beatles

Songs are great, thought provoking..2 discs!

6) "Gratitude" Earth Wind & Fire
I love live records, and this one captures the vibe of EWF..I get chills!

7) "Friends" Chick Corea
Gadd and Gomez..'nuff said.

8) "Songs in the Key of Life" Stevie Wonder
Inspirational and brings me back to my childhood!

9) "Syncronicity" The Police
Great energy and pocket!

10) "Hard Days Night" The Beatles
Some of these songs were the first I learned to play when I was 6 years old. This is why I am a drummer!

Perhaps that gives you a glimpse into my musical tastes which aided my development

All the best

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