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Originally Posted by Joe Kearney View Post
Is it just me or is Travis Smith (Trivium) rediculously good. The real reason that I am posting this is because i cannot figure what he is doing on the opening of "Pull on the Strings of your Martyrs." It is off of the album Ascendancy and if anyone can help me there that would be great, BUT ALSO what are your thoughts on his playing? I personally think that he is the man and I am going to base many more drumbeats off of his... style? A.K.A. He is now one of my prime influences. but those are my thoughts, what are yours?
i agree whole heartedly....thing is ive seen him live 3 times and i love the band........he has a pretty nice solo too...........his technique is perfect for the style he plays and hes got nice rudiments!......pull harder is a very hard song to play and i didnt give up on it but i customized it to make it my own and i just did a tom roll and worked around a few fills......

also dare i say it that travis smith is one of the best metal drummers since...joey jordison.....when you compare the too both skill and speedwise both are pretty even travis having the advantage of youth hehe
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