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Joey, as you can see and hear with slipknot, is a great drummer. He's won numerous awards and been mentioned in tons of media: (drummng magazines, metal magazines, mtv, etc.). He is very talented, and ia argubly one of the greatest drummers in metal/ hardcore music...

Now the 2 percussionest, Chris Fehn and Shawn Crahan, are actuely very talented. people think, oh these guys just bang the hell out of there custom ''trash can'' drums, but the actuely are there to make the songs interesting. Listen to songs like ''the blister exists'', or ''Left Behind'': You can here there drums, espeacillay on the blister exists, when they do a pretty cool snare drum solo! Now i know what you're thinking, ''that snare part is easy'', and it is, i can do it, But, its what makes them individuals! You wouldent here a marching solo in a metalica song! They are there for one reason: to make them individuals!!!!
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