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I think many drummers miss the point when it comes to soloing in front of an audience of non drummers. As Louis Bellson has so often said, Krupa was not the most technically gifted drummer of his era, but all he had to do was hit the splash cymbal and smile to bring the house down. Non drummers simply do not understand the complex riff in 5 taking place over the syncopated 7/8 played with the feet. Simply put, once people reach a point of not understanding what is going on, they can lose interest.

Many times when non drummers talk to me about drum solos, they mention Ina Gadda da Vida. Certainly not the most complex of solos. But non drummers are able in some way to relate to it and remember it.

It is our job to please the audience. That is what Joey did.

This idea that every drum solo must in some way be superior to every other drum solo fails to take into acount musicality. Drumming is NOT a sport.
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