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Default Re: Philly Joe Jones

I feel I should jump in here as I know/heard something about this.

My teacher in Aus (Graham Morgan, bit of a legend in Aus and the teacher to go to for learning jazz) taught Donati when he was very young and also happened to do some study with philly. They were good friends, and I believe it was Graham that gave the idea to Donati to study with 'philly' as that is Grahams favourite player and someone that he has studied and teaches about extensively.

As for Donati not learning anything, I believe that PJJ actually recommended to Bill Evans that Donati take over from himself when he stopped playing with Evans. Interesting huh? I couldn't believe it. But, Graham has also said that he was a fine jazz player and alot of his early gigging work in melbourne was jazz stuff before he moved into rock/fusion/prog stuff. Though you certainly can't hear the influence.

I don't know...who knows? It is interesting to hear these things. I can't really stand Donati's music to be honest. I guess because of his 'talent' for the more complicated stuff he is now pigeon holed as being a one trick pony so to speak. But, it's odd hearing of his early career and then to see something so completely different.

Now before anyone hassles me, don't kill the messenger. I'm neither for or against Donati. To be honest I don't really care about peoples like or dislike of him either. I just thought I'd pass something on that I'd heard for the sake of anyone interested.

Anywho, back on topic. I've always been astounded at the way PJJ put together his phrases. Graham has transcribed...everything and each time we go over something I'm amazed anew at his rudimental inventiveness. Jazzgregg is right though, I thought it was widely known that PJJ was big on the rudiments and wilcoxin etc.
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