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Default Re: Mike Portnoy

I have a huge amount of respect for Portnoy as a composer and performer, and I don't agree with some of what Cuauhtemoc posted, but I have no problem at all with him expressing his opinions in the respectful fashion that he did. Actually it was a perfect example of how to state one's opinion, and I hope that those few of you here who need to can learn to do the same. This is one of the better threads about a "controversial" drummer. I appreciate the thoughtfulness that has gone into some of these posts. You guys are the best, bar none, and it's you who make this place so great. Keep it up, guys.

And Cuauhtemoc, I'm going to check out that link of yours when I get a moment, probably tonight. I'm looking forward to it after your description. Sounds like my kind of stuff.
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