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Originally Posted by wy yung View Post
Sounds to me like he did everything right. Just like Krupa. ;-)

I think it's important that a drummer - or any musician - play what the music calls for. Depending on the style of music, that could be a funky groove, mindless Phil Rudd backbeat, fast/mechanistic/soulless blast beat, highly syncopated jazz polyrhythm, whatever. I think it's dumb to say "Joey doesn't play a groove" when that aspect of music isn't valued in this particular genre. He plays what he needs to play and does it well in terms of what the genre calls for. Slipknot's brand of metal is as subtle as a jackhammer and the drummer needs to support that.

To me, Ringo Starr is one of the most uninspiring, limp drummers I have ever heard. But he played exactly what the music needed.
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