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I had the privilege of seeing Tool last Sunday at Big Day Out. Even though it was an outdoor stage and nowhere near as big as the size stage they would be used to it was still an awesome show. I managed to get almost right up to the barrier, seeing a drummer such as Danny that close an unforgettable experience. The way he hits is just phenomenal; even when he is playing quietly his strokes still have such power behind them.

On his snare - I think in an interview with Danny’s drum tech he said that he has his snare head tuned really tight. If you notice in some photos he has a spare snare sitting behind his kit just in case he breaks the head on the edge of the snare. I guess playing those paiste snares doesn't help it too much.

He uses clear G2s over G1s on his toms and a power stroke on his snare. I'm not sure what bass heads he uses, but I know his reso head is a mesh of some sort; I was able to see through it when they played.
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