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Default Re: Ironwood drum set

Originally Posted by tizzdizz View Post
First off, I really love your kit, and you're spiritual/down to earth approach to things.

Second, I've wanted a Hang drum since I saw a video of one played somewhere. How did you ever get yours?? I read that they're out of production, and almost impossible to get in the U.S. Great collection!
I got the Hang drum in Jan. 2004 and I love it. You can hear a recording on our site. It is tuned to a Middle Eastern scale called Hijaz, key of D. Most people order a Hang tuned to an Asian pentatonic scale, but those sound too bland to me and Hijaz has some tension to it.

The Hang makers are eccentric and reclusive and less than a thousand of these remarkable instruments have ever been made. The only way to get one is to either travel to Bern, Switzerland and purchase one from the makers - if they deem you worthy - or pay someone to get one for you. What cost me $400 two years ago now goes for $1,500 or more on eBay.

Strangely, most of the people who have Hangs want them to be exclusive and are pleased they are now so hard to get. Personally, I'd love to see a high-quality mass instrument maker produce as many Hangs as the market will absorb.

There is a Hang Yahoo group I subscribe to that sometimes has some for sale.

Good luck on getting a Hang!
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