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Originally Posted by figure_02 View Post
I know there was a tread about him, but it was like three years old so thought I should start a new, after Trivium released their new album, The Crusade, and everything.

So what do you think about him? How is he compared to other "trash" metal drummers? I know for sure that I love all his stuff, plays what really fits in the song and the guy has some psycho doublebass!

I think he is excellent. One of my students brought in a tune on his mp3 so I could hear it. I was impressed. I also read an interview with him in MD and I liked his attitude. He seems to be very serious about his craft. I don't know how he compares to others. As far as I can tell, the standard is quite high. So I imagine most of these people are at the top of their games. I find it hard to compare artists anyway. Especially when none of them play the same tunes.
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