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Originally Posted by Pocketman View Post
Great, great drummer. Innovative, groundbreaking, fearless. If you watch those early Hendrix clips, nobody looked cooler then Mitch. He played with this great confidence that just stands out (even when performing next to Jimi!)

The best pic I saw of him was one where is he wearing the usual hippie outfit but also has Converse All-Stars on. Cool!

Does anyone have that image?
Hes the first influence I had, I love all of his playing still to this day.. His playing on Third Stone from the Sun is outstanding

And drummerwannabe he was playing his Ludwig at Berkley, if you watch during "I don't live today" (my favorite live jam they did) it zooms out and shows the Ludwig symbol on the bass drum reso head.. I think thats at Berkley, I'll have to watch my DVDs again...
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