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Default Re: Mitch Mitchell

Fire is the song that got me into hendrix. me and a band that the place i take lessons from organized (picked the "best" of the students, for 3 different bands") played the song "fire" at a show. Went really well, and it was a hellova fun song to play to. Its got a fun, and funky beat, and its played pretty fast; all that making it fun!

Now im in love with hendrix. hendrix and led zeppelin being my two favorite bands.
Mitch has his own way of playing, and like mentioned earlyer, you can tell he was free to do whatever he wants, and really gets into it. also, like said before, when playing with jimi, they really go good together.

Some of my favorite hendrix songs (i have others, but theres nothing really special about the drumming in those): these are also in the "jammin" playlist on my ipod, that i play along to

Spanish Castle Magic
Foxy Lady (nothing crazy, but the groove is pretty fun)
Manic Depression
Fire (oh yes)
Ezy Ryder

Mitchel, as well as bonham, are the two drummers id most like to meet.
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