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Originally Posted by CarterB_Junkie
Good Night.

P.S : What's make you more creative than Portnoy or Gadd ? Give me a break and be more positive towards drummers.Thank You.
What a useless post!

Let's review:

* State a contrary opinion
* Don't back it up with anything
* Launch an ad-hominem attack
* Include mandatory "Can you do better?" speil.

Why even bother? Your post has no content! You suggest that others should be more positive towards drummers, yet in the same breath rip into the creativity of the original poster without even having heard their playing. At least the rest of us have actually heard Portnoy play and can therefore comment on it with something other than empty posturing.

I agree with a lot of what was said in that post. I don't, personally, like Portnoy's playing very much. I think his technique is... err.. a little like swinging a hammer (just watch his snare backbeats!) and he really really over-uses the whole four with the hands/two with the feet business. I don't really find a lot of what he does all that creative, which I think was the initial point being made. That said, he's an astoundingly solid drummer and he's taken his career a very long way - there's a lot to respect there, and I'd be the last to ignore that. As would Cuauhtemoc, judging by his posting. He gives respect where it is due, then makes his point in a clear and positive manner.

And I think you missed the point of what he was saying about Steve Gadd. It's a little unclear in terms of the grammar, but he appears to be contrasting Gadd and Portnoy rather than suggesting they are in some way similar.
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